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This site has been set up to document and record memories and experiences from anyone in the Black Country area who was into the pop music scene in the 1960s, whether you were in a band, went to the local gigs or just loved every type of music that was new and fresh in that extraordinary decade.

Plenty has been written about the Liverpool scene of the 1960s and other cities, such as Newcastle, Manchester and London, who would attempt to push the Merseybeat artists from their top spot. So was the Black Country a bleak wasteland in this richest of musical decades? Was the sixties scene in the Black Country just as good? Was there a wealth of talent that never got the glory they deserved?

Which of the local bands and artists did you love to see? Did you prefer the harmony groups, such as the Californians or the Montanas? Were you there, right at the beginning of the decade, when the Tommy Burton Combo was shaking up the big band scene of the fifties with their own style of rock ‘n’ roll? And what about the bands from those early years, such as Danny Cannon and the Ramrods, Steve Brett and the Mavericks, or the brilliantly named Dane Tempest and the Atoms? Or, in the mid-sixties, would you cross town just to see The N’betweens or the Finders Keepers, and hope you had time to get that last bus, rather than a long, long walk home.

And where did you go to buy the 1960s albums or the latest 45s ? In Wolverhampton, in the early part of the decade, it might have been the Voltic in the Queens Arcade, or maybe you annoyed the shop assistants in Beattie’s record department, down in the basement, by listening to track after track but never buying anything?

If you were a teenager at that time, where did you go to see the best bands – whether established recording artists on tour, or just four or five lads starting out on their own musical journey? Was it at the big auditoriums, such as the Civic Hall or the Gaumont Cinema in Wolverhampton, or maybe you could lie about your age and get into pubs, where some landlords were wise before their time in putting on live music? Or was it at your local Youth Club, many of which held dances on a Saturday night and the local bands all played to teenagers, waiting for that last slow dance which may or may not start a new romance?

So why not share your memories of who you saw, where they played and who you saw them with.  Please contact me, through this site, so that we can build up an authentic history of the Music of the Black Country in the 1960s.